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Mango Sapphire Blue Infusion Tea

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About This Product

Escape to a tropical paradise with our Mango Sapphire Blue Infusion Tea. This invigorating iced tea combines the flavors of lemongrass, vibrant blue butterfly pea flower, luscious mango essence, and exotic lychee, creating a tantalizing blend that delights the senses. Add a squeeze of lemon juice to witness the captivating transformation into a mesmerizing violet hue.

Crafted with a harmonious fusion of lemongrass, butterfly pea flower, rose hips, chamomile flowers, natural mango flavor, mango pieces, marigold flowers, and lychee flavor. Experience the enchantment in every sip.

Don't wait quench your thirst with a tropical twist today.

Tea can be brewed or served Hot or Cold
Each pouch makes 1 Quart or 4 cups of tea.

Made in United States 
Weight: 8 oz (226.8 g)